A1040 MIRA 3D

Ultimate Ultrasonic Tomograph for quality assessment of concrete structures
Revolutionary True-3D© tomography in real-time, unbeatable penetration depth, sensitivity and resolution.


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A1525 SOLO

A1525 SOLO

A1525 Solo – the ultimate TFM Phased Array instrument
The most compact and affordable TMF unit with two phased array transducers and 3D visualization and analysis software in standard delivery set.
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new generation thickness gauge

the world’s smallest user friendly thickness gauge with real-time data interface to smartphone

The instrument is an unbeatable tool for fast ultrasonic wall thickness measurements on boilers and vessels, hull plates and other objects made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as for ultrasonic thickness measurements of the small-diameter metal and plastic pipes.


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The world’s first<br /> EMA thickness gauge

The world’s first
EMA thickness gauge

with an innovative electro-magnetic biasing technology Implemented in EMA transducers

Provides high-productivity testing objects made of steel and aluminum without the use of coupling liquid, without strong adhesion of the transducer to the surfaces of the objects that preventing metal chips from sticking to the transducer’s protector, thus extending its service life.

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portable ultrasonic flaw detector – tomograph

portable ultrasonic flaw detector – tomograph

with digitally focused array and SAFT data processing

Provides quick, easy and reliable location of flaws in welding joints and metal, plastic objects in real time with visualization of different types of flaws on the screen of the device. 3D imaging of the testing object.

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Leading edge ultrasonic testing instruments for metal, concrete and composite material testing

The state of the art of ultrasonic testing raises expectations regarding the 2D/3D ultrasonic imaging of material flaws with quantitative evaluation of inspection results, whereby an inspection procedure may provide a differentiated predication of the flaw type, size and location.

Modern signal processing and image reconstruction techniques for phased array generated data such as ‘Digital Focus Array’ allow tomographic representation of the inspection volume and thus accurate flaw sizing, reflecting an introduction of new quality standards in modern ultrasonic testing.

Acoustic Control Systems – ACS-Solutions GmbH offers manual ultrasonic testing instruments and automated inspection solutions for different testing applications, such as ultrasonic testing of weld joints, ultrasonic testing of forgings and casting components and composite materials.

Innovative and easy-to-use ultrasonic testing equipment by ACS based on novel Digital Focus Array® (DFA®) technology provide our customers with the leading-edge three-dimensional ultrasonic tomography allows taking advantage of improved evaluation of the inspection results.

Both manual and automated instruments from pencil-like ultrasonic wall-thickness gauge through the user-friendly manual in-situ ultrasonic tomography instruments for welds and concrete constructions up to the remotely controlled ultrasonic scanning vehicles for couplant-free ultrasonic pipeline monitoring – all the novel instrumentation by ACS-Solutions GmbH will bring your quality assurance to the technological level of tomorrow.



25 years of experience in scientific research, in the development and production of innovative equipment for ultrasonic nondestructive testing


Attractive prices for the entire product range compared with analogues of other companies


Finished products stock location and a service center on the territory of Germany for operational sales of products to anywhere in the world and for warranty and post-warranty services


Regular execution of training and work-shops and the complex solution of the tasks of customers with the leveraging of accumulated scientific potential

Ultrasonic testing instruments for metal, concrete and composite material testing

Worldwide Distribution

Supply of the equipment through a wide distribution network. For your convenience, you can purchase instruments from a distributor in your region.




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