Tomographic UT of metals and weld joints

Your Benefits

  • High safety and operational availability of industrial facilities
  • Improving „planability“ of downtimes and reduction of spare parts inventory by timely recognition and tracking of the plant condition via qualified ultrasonic testing.
  • Optimization of production processes based on modern UT technology
  • Maximum reliability of critical components in machines, vessels and constructions

Competent and professional team


Leading edge technology – 3D tomography


Fast and reliable inspection service


Established qualification according to ENIQ

What you get / Our Service

  • Cost-effective and flexible semi-mechanized on site ultrasonic testing / analysis of components and weld joints in power plants, pipelines, chemical and production facilities
  • Quantitative evaluation of testing results and 3-dimensional imaging of inspection volume.
  • Comprehensible reporting with understandable result representation in form of cut and projection images.
  • Complete storage of UT raw data for easy and adequate comparison of periodic inspections

What we can / Our Know How

Analysis of complex inspection tasks and proposing a suitable customized inspection solution

Execution of the complete inspection service „from one source“:

  • Definition of optimal testing parameters
  • Feasibility proof / qualification of testing procedure for your testing application, standard procedure or customer specification
  • Development of required Written Practices
  • Execution of testing, data storage
  • Evaluation of inspection results according to Written Practice
  • Reporting

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